COVID Realities

In January 2020, reports surfaced of a new disease originating from China. By March, most of the world was locked down and masks were mandatory fixtures for the next two years. 

Churches throughout the world struggled to continue bringing the gospel to believers. Churches that streamed services online were not rare, but most churches thought of online streaming as a luxury more than a necessity. Though streaming services was on the CLP horizon because of the ReVision process, Covid made a years-long goal a present necessity.

With the help of husband Mike Kammeraad and other volunteers, Pastor Lynne held our first online service in April of 2020. CLP continues streaming services, and Covid continues periodic resurgences. It is said that churches will never be the same again, even as our faith in Christ is eternal.

Life Groups

Life Groups were added during the ReVision process to create smaller group settings where study, fellowship, accountability, and connection could form in more intimate space. Through some growing pains, church leadership determined that life groups are best added to larger studies and fellowship instead of replacing them altogether. 

Though the COVID epidemic created challenges, life groups have been a platform for implementing technologies. Online prayer groups and studies were created, and leadership continues looking for ways to broaden our use of technology while remaining commited to in-person connections.