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Yesterday Aimee Wickersham preached on Jesus' command to be salt and light in Matthew 5. Below are some follow-up thoughts you might use as you seek to be "Salt and Light" in the world!

In Matthew 5:13-16, Jesus tells His followers that they are the salt of the earth and the light of the world. He says they are to let their light shine before others, so they may see their good deeds and give glory to their Father in heaven.

So, what does it mean to be salt and light? And how can we be salt and light in our daily lives?

Jesus talks about how salt that has lost its flavor is no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men. Similarly, if a light is hidden, it won’t be doing anyone any good. The context of this passage is important. Jesus was preaching during a time of great upheaval in Israel. He called His followers to live holy lives in a world full of sin and brokenness. His words provide us with a reminder that we are meant to be different than the world’s standards. We are to live distinct lives that reflect His glory.

How can we be salt and light?

To be salt and light in a world that often rejects Jesus, we must have a living faith. We must show by our life that we trust in and love Jesus and His ways. We must speak boldly of God’s truth, showing love and compassion to all people. To be the “salt” of the earth and the “light” of the world is easier said than done. It’s hard to be counter-cultural and stand out in a world that seeks to push us toward conformity. To be salt and light, we must become more like Jesus and strive to do what He asks us to do. This means actively engaging in service and showing genuine love to all people. It means resisting the temptation to be swayed by what the world says and standing firm in our faith even when it’s hard.

What are some practical ways to be salt and light?

The Bible gives us many practical ways to be salt and light. We are to love our neighbors, share the gospel, care for the poor, care for the widow, and visit the sick. We should raise awareness about issues facing our community and be a voice for the voiceless. We should be generous with what we have, giving of our time, our money, and our resources. We should seek to serve and reach out in times of need.

Other practical ways of being salt and light include living out the fruits of the spirit, such as joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control. These characteristics help to demonstrate Jesus to the world and bring hope and healing to those around us.

Finally, we should strive to bring people closer to Jesus through prayer. Praying with others, listening to them, and having spiritual conversations are all ways that we can show Jesus to those we interact with.

Why is it important to be salt and light?

As Jesus said, if salt has lost its flavor, it’s worthless except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men. The same is true for the light of our lives. If we don’t put that light to work, it won’t do anyone any good. As followers of Jesus, it’s important to be salt and light because we are His representatives on earth. As we live out this mandate, we can shine the light of Jesus into a murky world and bring hope and healing to those who need it.

It’s also important that we be salt and light because the world needs to see that there is a different way to live. In a world full of brokenness and sin, we need a demonstration of God’s love and grace. We need to be living examples of what it means to live differently in a world that rejects Jesus. By being salt and light, we can point people to Jesus, the hope of the world.

To wrap things up

In Matthew 5, Jesus calls us to be salt and light—to be shining examples of His love, grace, and truth. This is a challenging task, but it’s one we must strive to do. If we want to be the salt and light that Jesus asks for, we must actively engage in service, share the gospel, and demonstrate the fruits of the spirit. Most importantly, we must strive to put our light to work and bring people closer to Jesus. In doing this, we will be able to bring hope and healing to a broken world.

If you haven't already, watch yesterday's 9:15am service and sermon at the video link below!